Alright, here we go! I am 22 and am studying public relations. I am an active member of Pi Beta Phi as well as  Public Relations Student Society of America. I love my family, friends, dog, and God. My hobbies range from chilling in bed with Netflix or a good book to hanging out with my friends and family.

Honestly, the process of making this blog was extremely difficult. Everyone says to find your niche and write about that. However, I’m interested in just about everything which made it really difficult to narrow it down to one common theme. Is there anything wrong with that? I say no. Am I a health and fitness guru? Am I a DIY pro? Am I a fashionista? Once again, I say no. I’m not just one of those things. Health and fitness is extremely important to me, DIY projects are a great way to spend a rainy day, and what girl doesn’t like dressing up and looking pretty?

In addition to all of those things, I love current events. Sometimes it’s difficult to post opinions on huge current events on social media because of the almost guaranteed backlash. However, on this blog, I can write whatever my opinions are and no one can say anything bad about it! Hope you enjoy my blog journey just as much as I have thus far! Stay tuned for more!